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Вступайте в Телеграм!

Now the Telegram need not to download or to subscribe to its channels, now Telegram is necessary to enter. On Friday, the 13th, the Telegram became the resistance movement. Was not his will. I am a principled opponent of violence. I don’t want a revolution, barricades and shooting. Joining Telegram is a non-violent method of struggle.

But it’s not a combat power. Because in our country there is no power. There is no authority in the country where after the death of 41 children of the Governor sent to the chair of the speaker — instead of having to send it in the trash. There is no authority in the country where people are choking on the stinking dumps. There is no authority in the country where the plane crashes, and the remains of the victims still scattered on the field as leftovers, but the family can bury their loved ones — even two months after the funeral, they have to wait maybe six months, maybe a year.

There is no authority in the country that openly declares himself a pirate and officially authorizes theft. But we pohohochem not now, but when pick up the iPhone, made by evil American craftsmen Krivorotenko mechanical plant, and realize that even stupid to copy they can’t do shit. Therefore, no power in the country, but there is the state. In different situations, funny, silly, sneaky, nasty, but always mediocre.

We remember these days of Gagarin. 16 years after nightmarish of all wars, our country was able to make the greatest breakthrough to dream to send a man into space! And we are in 2018 is still a nod to the 90s, explaining their complete inability to do anything useful. Can’t make a car, can’t make a phone, TV, computer. We the potatoes can’t grow and are taking it from Israel. Garlic imported from China!

Sergey Brin would never Google, if you would have stayed in Russia. And the amazing achievement of Pavel Durov, who created a global company and technology that infuriated the KGB, because they really have nothing to do with the Telegram!

There are no authorities, but there is a state that is ready to destroy even the little that our country in spite of everything reached. And you need to understand that the blocking of Telegram — it’s not just the loss of one of the ways to send the sticker or the smiley. The state would be simpler if there was no Internet and phones.

Perfect citizen for our country is illiterate obolduy with a hoe that digs from the fence before lunch and not able to think or resist. And now you choose between Telegram and its lock. Another choice between Liberty and laziness, between Freedom and indifference. When it comes to indifference and laziness — does freedom. So for me personally right now in a Telegram — it is not easy to write notes. It’s a matter of principle and a matter of honor.


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