John Wick Hex: reviews and evaluations of the game


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The game is about John Wick John Wick Hex got to the PC. Gamers just learning the draft Good Shepherd Entertainment, and journalists have already managed to play and share experiences.

33 after review, critics rating, the PC version of John Wick on Metacritic Hex stopped at around 73 points. From Shacknews, the game has received 90 points for the story, “addictive gameplay” and the battle that makes you think. Journalist Screen Rant has put the project 40 points due to the unchanged animations and difficulty curve, when the battle becomes too simple, too complex, reports the with reference to

“John Wick Hex is worth the attention of lovers of turn based strategy and challenge, but at the same time, the game is difficult to recommend to those who want only one more opportunity to spend time in the world of John wick”, Hardcore Gamer, 70 points.

The first evaluation John Wick Hex:

  • Shacknews — 90
  • Wccftech — 85
  • DualShockers -85
  • GameSpot — 80
  • PC Gamer — 80
  • Game Informer — 80
  • Destructoid — 80
  • Hardcore Gamer — 70
  • IGN — 68
  • Screen Rant — 40
  • Daily Star — 40


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