Jim Carrey dramatically changed the image


The actor returned to the old way.

On the red carpet at the Venice film festival Jim Carrey pleased with a shaved face. Obviously, long hair and white beard now in the past.

After the suicide of his beloved Katrina white in 2015, Jim Carrey was going through hard times. First news of the loss of a loved one, funeral, murder… the Actor really had it tough. It is not surprising that after the incident, Jim for a while, “lost”, being unable to attend social events. Moreover, obviously, at the time a famous comedian had even given up, after all, grew his hair long and gray beard that it does not adorned.

However, the depressed days, it seems, in the past, and the actor returned to his former life. First of all, Jim got rid of the facial hair, cut your hair and on the red carpet at the Venice film festival appeared in the usual way — stylish, cheerful, good-natured humorist.


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