Jennifer aniston tries to forget painful relationship


The actress has given herself to the work, to experience separation.

After breaking up with Justin Theroux after two years of marriage, Jennifer aniston threw herself into the work. So, we know that now 49-year-old actress, along with Adam Sandler starring in the new film “Mysterious murder.”

According to the insider, the shooting in Italy occupy all the free time celebrity. Moreover, now Jennifer is not interested in new friendships and relationships.

“She works without a break, but she likes in Europe. For all the time at the lake, Jen managed only once to take a ride on the boat. She’s not interested in new friends. She focused on work,” said the insider.

Also, according to the source, aniston has already forgotten about Justin Theroux.

“She’s not even talking about Justin. She don’t care what he is doing. It focuses on his own life,” added the insider.


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