Jennifer aniston suspected in the new novel


Actors from each other not waste.

Fans of the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston with paying close attention to her personal life.They have the hope of seeing his darling in a wedding dress, reports the with reference to

Many fans truly sorry that Jennifer did not have a relationship with Brad pitt. At parties dedicated to the OSCAR they did not show a close relationship and did not even talk. Limited to a polite greeting. And the reason is.

Amorous aniston is again carried away.

We are talking about 48-year-old actor John Hamme. He is known for roles in “Mad men”, the films “Little drive”, “Spy next door” and others. “They chatted for ages. Everyone noticed that they well knew each other,” — said the insider.

Interestingly,last year these two is attributed to the novel,but the actors were silent. That,in turn,has generated a lot of rumors and gossip.


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