Jennifer aniston does not feed her husband


Justin Theroux is suffering from the endless diets that it, along with a planting wife aniston

Ex-lover of brad pitt, the actress, known for the cult TV series “Friends”, often mentioned that tend to be overweight and therefore have to follow a strict diet and visit the gym at least six times a week.

Apparently, because of the need to support, Jennifer aniston and makes her husband follow the same diet that adheres to itself. One of his friends Justin lamented the fact that at night he dreams of meat, and “normal” he can eat only away from home. The actor notes that the last time his wife not only stopped eating meat and fish but also refused milk and oestergade products. Comes to the fact that Jennifer throws out the refrigerator of all “bad” foods, including those that Justin bought himself.

Recall that the couple aniston-Theroux along with of 2011. They met on the set of the movie “wanderlust”. The pair got engaged in 2012, and we had a wedding in 2015, after which the media regularly began to appear on the pregnancy of the actress.

Most recently, Jennifer said that she lacks the support of her husband at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe-2018”, where there was a fateful meeting. For the first time in many years, the former wife of brad pitt — Jennifer aniston and Angelina Jolie appeared at the same event. As it turned out, the whole evening aniston felt uneasy and wanted a husband who did not attend the event, was next.


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