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Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon has told how #MeToo changed “the Morning show”


Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Photo: instagram.com/entertainmentweekly

Two Hollywood stars Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon told Entertaiment Weekly about the new series from Apple TV+ and about how their “Morning show” has changed since the beginning of the movement #MeToo.

A new series from the new streaming service of Apple marks the return of Jennifer aniston on TV since the end of “Friends” in 2004, and the first joint project with the pair as long as Witherspoon played the role of younger sister Rachel – Jill in this famous NBC sitcom.

Aniston and Witherspoon on the October cover. Photo: instagram.com/entertainmentweekly

There’s something bulletproof in the morning show. They are an integral part of American culture,” says Witherspoon.

One thing that has always been known that “the Morning show” will be part of the original list of programs, the Apple TV +.

The more ambitious was this project, the more I felt that the Apple was for him the appropriate place…They are trying to enter the world of content,” recalls Reese.

But the show was originally conceived not as he will end up on the screen. Says Witherspoon, the development of the show began in August, and by November the world has changed – in particular, began the movement #MeToo.

5 October 2017 The New York Times published an article in which Ashley Judd, in particular, accused the movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein in sexual harassment. October 15 star of “Charmed” Alyssa Milano invited other women to speak out on Twitter with the message, “me too”. And by the end of November came charges against Kevin spacey and other celebrities.

I don’t think I’ve seen a time in my life when more people have lost their careers because of misconduct. People who seemed untouchable. We had to start all over again and rebuild the show, but actually it turned out to be much more powerful and relevant,” – said Reese Witherspoon.

In the pilot show after 15 years of joint work with Alex levy, a heroine of Jennifer aniston, because of sexual misconduct, fired her co-host, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell). And the news viewers reported it.

Aniston believes that this role could not come to her before now.

This is one of the hardest jobs that I had. I knew for this challenge, but then was the excavation of the emotions to create the world of this woman. All her life line fall,” says the actress.

Just like America feels that he knows Alex levy from the world of “the Morning show”, the newspaper notes, the country also feels that he knows Jennifer aniston in real life. So the actress understands her character, which aims

I understand the isolation – I don’t want to be seen, don’t want to be public, don’t want to go on the red carpet. It is not always easy to get out there and be who you should be,” said the star.

LeMonade also offers to watch the trailer of the series.

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Also, we reported that Reese Witherspoon will witness in the case against ex-wife on domestic violence.

In addition, we were told that the TV series “Friends” could be without aniston and clever Joey.

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