Japanese woman died a mysterious death: blame the cat


Японка погибла загадочной смертью: винят кошку All the circumstances of the death are being investigated.

In Japan there was a strange case. A woman came to visit her mother, but going into the house, saw the pensioner lying on the floor. Her face was all blood and cut with something sharp. No one could understand what had happened. Put forward the version about the murder.

However, when the police began the investigation, we are unable to find any evidence that someone had entered the house of the deceased, or out of it that day.

Examining the wounds, the police found that the cuts could have been made by cat claws. According to the media, to law enforcement officers even managed to find a cat with blood on it.

Was it the blood of man, and is the same whether the DNA samples of the deceased, finds out the examination.


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