Japan will launch the robot dog “Aibo”


В Японии запустят в продажу робота-собаку «Aibo»Sony will launch the robot dog “Aibo”.

The company accepted the application on the website of direct sales, and the product was immediately sold. Selling robots in retail shops of household electronics is planned.

In 1999, started selling the first generation of these robots. Then his name was written in capital letters — “AIBO”. This is a made-up word that combines the words AI (artificial intelligence) and Robot (the robot), and also means “eye (Eye) and “comrade” (jap. ” – of -“). The discussion exposed the fact that in the mid-2000s years, he got laid off because of the negative impact on the revenues of Sony, and in 2006 it was discontinued. In sum, it sold 150 thousand cars.

According to the representative of Sony, release, AI agreed to resume, because now an increasing number of products connected with artificial intelligence, such as voice search, designed for smart phones.

Feature of the model is that it is constantly connected to the Internet and through the accumulation of experiences with the “master” and training them, each model is an individual. The previous generation did not go beyond the templates pre-built into the robot. Aibo can easily come to fawn on me to the owner. As for the size, his height is 30.5 inches, and weighs 2.2 pounds. Price without tax is 213840 Ian, however, still required the cost of an Internet connection.


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