Japan saw the Ferrari sports car unique colors


В Японии видели спорткар Ferrari уникального цветаFirst hundred cars is gaining in 2.9 seconds.

Throughout the three years of the Ferrari F12tdf on the roads drive a unique car, painted in a unique color.

More recently, however, one car was spotted in Tokyo, Thu once again confirms the fact that Japan is almost in car tuning and car color have no equal.

Sports car is this color we can say is, the only course that it is very expensive. Of course color Bronzo Avetador looks great on the Aventador, but F21dtf shade looks gorgeous.

The appearance of the vehicle complemented by a black stripe which runs horizontally straight to the hood. There are silver wheels and brake calipers black. On the front wheel arches there is a large painted shields.

Inside the cabin is padded in brown leather. If to speak about the vehicle, under the hood is a naturally aspirated engine V12, 6.3 liter capacity of 770 HP, the torque is 508 NM.

First hundred cars is gaining in 2.9 seconds.


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