Japan plans to dump the explosives on the asteroid Ryugu


Япония планирует сбросить взрывчатку на астероид РюгуCamera Hayabusa2 will drop explosives on a remote asteroid to make a crater and collect groundwater samples for the study.

Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa2 after landing last month on a remote asteroid dropped on him the explosives to make the crater, from where they will collect groundwater samples for possible clues about the origin of the Solar system. This was stated by the space Agency of Japan (JAXA).

In particular, it is specified that Hayabusa2 landed on the asteroid on February 22, reset impact device the size of a Golf ball weighing two kilograms on the asteroid on 5 April to gather deeper out of the ground samples that were not exposed to the sun or cosmic radiation.

According to project engineer, JAXA Takano, Saeko, for the job you need to the spacecraft quickly moved to the other side of the asteroid, so he was not injured from shrapnel in the explosion.

“It will be very difficult,” he said.

As expected, moving away, Hayabusa2 will leave the camera for fixing the result. The spacecraft has to wait a few weeks before returning to the crater area for observation.

Responsible for the project koji WADA stressed that the mission will allow scientists of JAXA to investigate the crater, to determine the history of asteroid.


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