Jamal responded to the accusations Meladze on “Eurovision-2017”


The singer said that she has nothing to apologize for

Ukrainian singer Jamal responded to accusations of composer Konstantin Meladze, claiming that the jury of the national selection for Eurovision to blame for the fact that the representative of the Ukrainian group O. Torvald – received 24th place.

The singer said she has nothing to apologize for, as not only the jury decided about the winner, but viewers ‘ votes were taken into account. “I absolutely do not agree that the jury of the national selection needs to apologize for his choice, and personally I would not going to apologize. The collective score from the jury coincided with the point that O. Torvald has received the results of the audience voting, that is, the jury and the audience voted for this party together,” said Jamal.

“Eurovision is a contest, there are no guarantees, the results are unpredictable. All predicted victory artist from Italy, and was won by the Portuguese. O. Torvald were worthy of the competition, they were the only rock band, and, in particular, differed from all other participants. I congratulate Yevhen Halych and the guys from O. Torvald with a great performance!” – said the star.


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