Jamal has taken an important initiative


The singer urged to switch to fake fur.

Ukrainian singer and favorite of many Ukrainians Jamal expressed his opinion about clothes of natural fur. She has openly said that he considers it overkill. It is also proposed to replace the artificial.

Jamal told me that she is not a vegetarian and even 10 years ago bought a fur coat from natural fur, but wore it only 5 times.

“I don’t know what it was, why I needed a coat of mystery. For Pontus? For heat? Already, you can’t tell. Remember that really little heat was for some time, alternatives I didn’t see or weren’t looking,” wrote Jamal.

She believes that people themselves invented the excesses and limits of the concept of chic. All these excesses can be easily replaced and not to spend so much money on something that may not be useful.

“But all these “luxuries” can be easily replaced and not to spend their life. If we in the childhood were shown the production process of the coats! Everything seems fair if not most of these “excess” in which a person does not know the measure and not just killing for the sake of warmth and food animal that he met on the hunt, he now breeds thousands of farms. And why? Because there’s a million people who want to push the boat out. In our age of easy to find substitutes for fur. What’s wrong with this substitute saves us from unnecessary cruelty? Often heard in childhood, that coat is the dream of every girl, girls, women… Why?” – said the singer.


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