Jaguar presented an updated sports car F-Type


Jaguar представил обновленный спорткар F-TypeCoupes and convertibles received a new notation inside line and an extended set of basic equipment.

Jaguar introduced a slightly updated sports car F-Type, which received an extended list of basic equipment. In addition, the British brand have introduced a new notation within the line that displays the engine power of each specific modifications.

So, starting with a 300-horsepower two-liter supercharged engine received the designation P300. Version with compressor three-liter engine V6 capacity of 340 and 380 HP it is now possible to distinguish ChildItem and P340 P380, respectively. The top options with a five-liter V8 units, issuing 550 and 575 HP, will retain the same signs F-Type R and F-Type SVR.

As for the technical part, all modification of the sports car has a system for torque distribution “in the database”, version P380 added adaptive dampers and limited slip differential.

Finally, the Jaguar F-Type got upgraded multimedia complex InControl Touch Pro with a larger 10 inch display. The infotainment system still does not support interfaces Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but similar functionality should appear on the model until the end of this year.

European sales of the updated coupe and convertible will start in may.


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