Jaguar has shared some pictures of cars that will appear in 2040


Jaguar поделился снимками автомобилей, которые появятся в 2040 годуIncredible machines will appear in the near future on our roads.

In London at the exhibition Tech Fest, Jaguar Land Rover showed a concept of FUTURE-TYPE. It is not it will look like a Jaguar’s in 2040.

Recently, the head of Jaguar Land Rover Ralph Sung announced that in two years all the new models JLR will be “in varying degrees” electric. This means that Jaguar and Land Rover, as they say, is firmly on the “electric rails”.

But what will Jaguar electric cars in ten or twenty years? The answer to this question in some degree gives FUTURE Jaguar-TYPE Concept shown recently in London in a virtual form. To touch it is impossible, as it exists only in computer images and in video.

FUTURE Jaguar-TYPE represents a concept in the premium compact electric vehicle Autonomous driving with futuristic body design. No, it’s not just futuristic, and VERY futuristic body design. The impression is that it was created by aliens. However, this design we liked.


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