Jacket on naked body: Beyonce admired the Frank way


Star impressed with a daring bow.

Recently, the popular 37-year-old American singer Beyonce and then teasing fans with a spectacular spicy images, demonstrating their appetizing elegant shape in skimpy outfits without a bra.

This time the pop diva decided to try a stunning way for a joint publication with her husband, 49-year-old rapper Jay-Z.

The couple appeared together in the exhibition Dreamweavers in Beverly hills. That’s only if Jay-Z was dressed more ordinary and plain, his wife Beyonce surprised everyone with its elegance and sexy appearance.

For the release of pretty woman dressed in elegant pant suit mustard yellow color with a pattern of small red and green diamonds, defiantly wearing it on bare skin. Pants suit was a tapered fit, and a jacket with long sleeves, a belt and deep erotic cleavage perfectly highlighted the dignity of all shapes celebrity. Also a great addition the image was a large hat of the same fabric as the suit, with a flat top.

Beyonce made up your sensual and daring bow romantic styling with curls in flowing hair and bright make with emphasis on the eyes with a bright purple eyeshadow on the eyelids.


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