Jackals over the pig


Шакалы над свиньёй

The Lord almost always gives us what they want. But often not how we imagined it. The Ukrainian elite and a significant part of the population (even those who had nothing to do with the Nazis and even before Nazism in Ukraine have become mainstream) wanted to participate in the feast of jackals. In Kiev assumed that will share the carcass of Russia and Ukraine (oligarchs) will be one of the beneficiaries.

Less than 25 years, as the jackals are really going over the carcass. This is only the carcass of Ukraine. The Eastern European “friends” of Kiev squeal with impatience and carnivores licking their chops, waiting for that happy moment when you can grab the pink fatty flank the Ukrainian pigs.

It was what it wanted in Kiev. Except for one thing. Ukraine was not dinner, but lunch.

This is not surprising. Such a fate was prepared for the whole of Eastern Europe. And turning the country into a food would have to occur much faster if Russia really could not resist.

Today, only the presence of a strong, opposing to the West Russia makes the “civilized world” in the face of US and Western Europe to accept the need to maintain a belt of small European countries as a buffer, a sanitary cordon and the staging area on the border with Russia. The East Europeans on the one hand to separate Russia from the EU, not allowing her to get too close with Western Europe, and the other will take over and absorb the first blow, if tensions with Moscow gets out of control. They will be in the forefront of those who will go in the “March to the East” if Washington decides that conditions are favourable for the next retry, the military destruction of Russia.

As you can see, all public functions of the Eastern European countries associated with the presence of a strong and independent Russia, which they must confront, on behalf of the West. No Russia does not need a base, do not need a cordon Sanitaire, but the food is always needed.

But Russia resisted, and thereby saved the sovereignty of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and other border States. She would have saved and Ukraine. Since the 90-ies, Moscow invited Kiev to participate in various political and economic formats that objective should have been to strengthen Ukrainian statehood. But the Ukrainian elite with a persistence worthy of a better cause, refused to see the changes happening in the world, intellectually stuck at the level of concepts of the early 90-ies.

Within these concepts the West was invulnerable, but Russia is doomed. The EU and the U.S. represented the “bright Communist future of humanity” associated with the returned Paradise earth. Russia was represented by the stragglers forever, is organically unable to accept Western civilization, Asiatic despotism, against militarism, and Imperial ambitions way, the “civilized world” is simply obliged to unite. Ukraine saw its elite the frontier of the “civilized world”, pushes the contact line deep into barbarian lands. Hence the belief that all “civilized countries” are obliged to help Ukraine. In fact, under this concept, it is only the vanguard, the General missionary civilizing campaign of the West.

All would be nothing if the concept was not completely divorced from real life. By the mid 90s it became clear that coming from the West aggression, and vostochnoevropeiskoe sovereignties he intends to be considered no more than a hundred years before was considered with the sovereignty of any of Dahomey, Benin or even Morocco. By the end of the 90s it became clear that Russia would resist and it has a chance. By 2008, there was no doubt that there have methods West against Moscow.

But Ukraine just did not notice and continued to wait for payment for Russophobia. Her picture of the world were a simple as true and transparent as a festive tear left-liberal hipster-Trotskyist, a shed on the anniversary of the Oct that these liberal leftists out of power in 1917.

Inadequate evaluation of the situation, caused inappropriate actions. The expectation of inflow of foreign resources led to resource depletion own. Bet on Maidana, as a method of solving internal political contradictions that have destroyed the state.

Two years (2014-2015) to the West enough to understand that Ukraine is fundamentally unreformable. Another year was spent to make sure that it does not exist the saving of the script. After that, France and Germany lost interest in the Normandy and Minsk formats, and the United States prefer to solve the issues related to the Ukrainian crisis, in the format Surkov-Walker. That is, Ukraine brought the brackets of the settlement process. Her fate is being decided without its participation. When this happens, the parties reach a compromise due to the interests of those whom discuss, but whose opinion nobody cares.

Well, then, the law of the pack. Times bear baiting is not successful, the border States were ready to tear to pieces the weakened pig. Is-that someone should.

On the other hand, though in a somewhat perverted form, but partially comes true Ukrainian dream of evrointegratsii. Torn by jackals from the pig pieces will be digested in the stomachs of jackals will become part of Jackal carcasses, and the carcasses of these EU member. Of course, the Ukrainians would like at once to Paris, but at the worst, and Bucharest will do. Many, without waiting for the determination of the fate of their territories, are integrated in the EU and Russia individually.

In General, the people were scattered, the state disappears, the neighbors tied the napkins and preparing for the meal, and the Ukraine, the optimists still waiting for their call at the table, to divide Russia. Whom God wants to punish, deprives the mind.


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