Ivanka trump won fans with new haircut


All the journalists drew attention to her appearance.

Presidential adviser Ivanka trump once again conducted an experiment with the image. Policies, undertook an official visit, where he revealed a new stylish haircut.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

Ivanka trump is not only the Advisor but the representative of the President of the United States. She willingly carries out working visits, where, on behalf of the White house represents ideas about social programmes and their implementation. In addition, Ivanka often attends conferences and television projects, popularizing the policies of Donald trump.

2 September he lit up in Colombia. The purpose of the international trip was the change of import tariffs on Chinese imports and a trade war that hurts the world economy.

Despite the importance of the work of Ivanka trump all the journalists drew attention to her appearance. Photographers took a few pictures of policy, when she sat down in the presidential plane. Ivanka trump appeared in a white dress with buttons and short hair. Famous fashionista chose a square and did the other part.

An effective exit Ivanka trump won the admiration of hundreds of users of the network spread pictures in their blogs. Probably many of them will repeat the image policy.


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