It’s the year of the white ravens


Heavy and dark 2019 left the hope that can come the best of times. Therefore, the first toast under the Christmas tree for optimists.

A few days will come year white iron rats. In Chinese horoscope the rat is a symbol of wisdom, wealth and abilities of any situation to benefit. About the wealth and wisdom I have no illusions — it is only according to Rosstat life in the country from year to year getting better. And the fools in Russia, I’m afraid, never translated. But the ability to learn, even from the most bad situations in the coming year will definitely come in handy.

Therefore, the first toast under the Christmas tree for the optimists hard times. For those who in 2019 ceased to marvel at the bottomlessness of the bottom. For those who believe that tomorrow may be worse, that is not burying its head in the sand. Today, when the punishment for throwing a paper Cup or share criticisms on par with the penalties for robbery and murder, the number of such people increased considerably.

But my main conclusion of the year — could be better. Despite the General apathy, and depression, there is a lot of citizens who are not willing to put up with what is happening. Over and over again, hundreds of people of different ages and professions come to court, stand outside the courts and prosecutors, are holding placards in defense of those who yesterday had not even heard. Thousands write about the processes in the Network to let others know about what is happening in the country. And jaw sometimes suddenly uncoil, spitting out into the wild neprodanih boys and girls.

And suddenly, there are white crows and on the other side of the fence. As, for example, the police Vitaly Maksidom, who refused to consider themselves victims at the hands of Samariddin Redzhaboeva. The man who during a protest in Moscow, thrown on the pavement the plastic bottle and immediately fell into a paddy wagon.

In court, three broad-shouldered police officers argued that the sound of the falling containers they are terribly scared and took mental suffering. The fourth “Martyr” was supposed to be Maksidom, but did not want to be a laughing stock, or decided not to participate in the process, which in the future probably will be included in the list of the most infamous. He retired from the police force, and found that this is not the end of life. And certainly not comparable to 3.5 years in prison — that’s what the prosecution asked for Sameridine.

Another surprise (for the authorities rather unpleasant) — and that among the powerless “newcomers”, which are usually the buses will take to the polls and right rallies, there are also people of great dignity. The speech of the father of Samariddin impact on the audience may well compete with the famous last words of Yegor Zhukov, a boy from a refined Moscow family.

“I want all the Russians have raised his son to the blind was not, — said at the trial came from Tajikistan. — I am proud that my son has such a position. I have five children, they are all good for me. I said to my son: get out of this country where nothing shines, one problem. Around, all the thieves, crooks, bandits, you go to jail… no One can help you: neither the Constitution nor is civil society that is weak in us. No one will defend. A huge thank you to those people, those ordinary citizens who came out for the “Moscow case”…”

Do not be surprised if tomorrow the family Radjabovih suddenly interested in immigration. But it is unlikely their countrymen who came to our country to work, think otherwise. Now we know.

The resistance of the inhabitants of Chiesa whose lands have chosen to embed the Moscow of rubbish, is the second reason for the Christmas toast. For firmness. Defense Chiesa lasts for more than a year. “Our people have stood for the purity of its edge and because he humiliated their honor and dignity,” — said at a round table in the Moscow city Duma one of defenders of the region Svetlana Babenko. One gets the feeling that the country is already sold, but sold to those who live here. We are ready to bear the punishment for telling the truth. The laws that are accepted in Moscow, we put people, who defend their territory”, — added countrywoman Anna Stepanova.

Recently, the musician Yuri Shevchuk gave the activists Chiesa his Studio where they recorded the anthem of the free people. Anthem turned out naive, but very cool. In the spirit of “there is a national war”. Suspect in new year’s night he will sound in the homes of northerners instead of the Kremlin chimes. Place the organizers of the garbage I’d find a track Network, listened, and quickly turned his shop — there is nothing good they just will not work.

The third toast — for all those in the impoverished country finds an extra thousand or even a hundred rubles to support those who are really hard. Sick children and adults who were victims of “optimization” of health care. Independent media, many of which are now financially dependent on their readers and viewers. Declared “foreign agents” NGOs like the society “memorial”, which suffocate the multimillion-dollar fines, and people over and over again to collect money to pay for these shameful fees.

I don’t know how many of these white Raven, but I want to believe that they become more, not less. In my environment today, it seems no more people who has ever been dumped: one on the gifts of the elderly for the New year, who advocates OVD-info, in the “memorial”, “Russia sitting” — one that hurts. And it hurts more and more and more.

Ornithologists call Raven sanitation of cities. You say there will be crows, rats will get more food. But much much more. So let the best in the country come the year of the white ravens.


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