It’s the best drink to rejuvenate the body


Это лучший напиток для омоложения организмаWant to cheer up? Drink cocoa!

And we, along with American scientists advise some more reasons why you need to do it right now!

Scientists from the United States made an unequivocal verdict: cocoa to drink.

It is very useful for health, so, feel free to use it as a cold or hot beverage, and your favorite desserts.

It turns out that cocoa is fraught with a lot of useful properties, which previously had no idea scientists. However, a number of experiments and studies have undoubtedly demonstrated the positive impact of this product on the nervous system, specifically nerve cells. He helps them to recover faster, as well as to create strong neural connections, which we are losing daily in stressful situations, stalking his every step. Add to that a huge amount of antioxidants, which protect the youth and beauty of your body, and you’ll understand why American doctors were massively encouraged to start their day not with the usual coffee, and cocoa.

Scientists were pleased to announce the results of their calculations to the world. However, they are also concerned that cocoa is traditionally consumed with sugar, which somewhat mutes the useful properties of the product. The fact that cocoa is quite high in calories, and with sugar at all can cause a set of extra kilograms in short time. Besides, entering into connection with the sugars, cocoa negatively affects a person’s vision, reducing its sharpness in the twilight.

But back to the good news. Contained in cocoa selenium and zinc are actively involved in the production of the hormone of happiness – endorphin. He leads to the fact that your mood improves after a Cup of fragrant drink. This, incidentally, is a great alternative to coffee, but without caffeine which in large amounts can be dangerous as the nervous and cardiovascular system.


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