It’s impossible to contact with aliens


Ученые объяснили, почему невозможен контакт с пришельцами Based on open lies the phenomenon of perception.

A group of Spanish scientists from the University of Cádiz reported that scientists, apparently, never go on the longed-for contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, since the aliens are likely using quite different principles of communication, than our race. Men of science, they say, inclined to the so-called perceptual blindness, is a psychological inability to see certain aspects of the problem.

In other words, humanity may be too primitive to “reach out” to the inhabitants of other worlds, and this suggests a natural question: do we deserve at all to interact with the aliens? The Spaniards give as an example the project “SETI”, which experts are engaged in searches of cosmic radio signals and does not even take into account the likelihood that the “green men” can use a not yet discovered us physical communication. Alien signals it can go into the Ground, but we just don’t have the ability to recognize them.

That’s what shows a simple psychological test

This is the perceptual blindness – a person may not notice certain objects before his eyes, as his attention is taken by the others. According to psychologists, the scientists are too concerned with radio signals instead to identify other forms of communication that can be used by aliens. To prove his point, the Spaniards conducted a cognitive test involving the 137 volunteers. For a start, these people were asked to solve a riddle, a quick and intuitive answer which is always wrong. Then the participants of the experiment showed pictures of nature.

Some of these images were “prifotoshoplen” man in a gorilla suit. It turned out that the people who solved the problem immediately and correctly, I noticed this man faster and more frequently than those study participants who gave well thought out, planned response. Psychologists have compared scientists with volunteers who have given much thought to the solution of the first problem, but couldn’t see a “misplaced” object in the photo, which was directly in front of them.

Conditional division of alien civilizations

Representatives of the University of Cádiz also criticized the “Kardashev Scale”, proposed in 1964 by Soviet astrophysicist and radio astronomer Nicholas of the Evaluation. This scholar has divided the potentially existing extraterrestrial civilizations for several types, based on the volume they consume energy. Civilization of the first type, according to Kardashev, is limited to the resources of their native planet. The second uses the power of the Central stars of their planetary system. The third power of the galaxy. The fourth – power of the entire Universe. Instead, the psychologists told about his own vision of alien species.

The Spaniards believe that an alien civilization is divided, on the basis of their ability to influence the environment in which they live. For example, humans, on the one hand, depend on the natural conditions of the planet. It is vulnerable to natural disasters and still obey the rules of biological evolution. However, on the other hand, our race is already moving towards colonization of other planets, and actively uses the fruits of genetic engineering and nuclear physics.

The authors of this theory say that humanity is stuck between the first and second conventional phases of development. Civilization of the second type should be in control of quantum and gravitational energy, the space-time continuum and the ability to explore other galaxies.

Civilization of the third type, he says, consists of amazing immortal beings who can travel to other worlds and dimensions, manipulation of dark energy and matter. Perhaps somewhere there is a more perfect creation, whose features, in our humble opinion, and it should be similar to the divine.


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