Italy’s raging storm.


В Италии бушует ураган: есть жертвыA tree fell on a car.

Three people died as a result of bad weather in Italy.

Strong gusts of wind in some regions of Italy led to falling trees and destruction.

Near the town of Frosinone in the village of Alvito, Linguistic, due to the strong winds collapsed the wall of the house. Two lives were lost.

Another man was seriously injured near Rome, when his car fell a tree. He later died from his injuries in the hospital.

A similar incident occurred near Naples. A tree fell on a car in which there was a woman with a child. The woman suffered head trauma, but her life is out of threat. The child was not seriously hurt.

The storm is raging and in the Campania region. There the wind of school and suspended a message from the neighboring Islands. Emergency services in the region warned that the bad weather will continue on Sunday.


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