Italy was covered by heavy rains, killed the family


Италию накрыли сильные ливни, погибла семья In the Italian city of Livorno as a result of heavy rains killed at least 7 people, they were all members of one family.

It is reported that within two hours in Livorno fell to 260 millimeters of rainfall, equivalent to two monthly norms. The result of bad weather were flooded dozens of homes.

The bodies of four people were found in a flooded house in the town of Livorno. They were all members of one family – father, mother, two-year-old girl and a grandfather. Rescuers managed to save only four-year-old girl.

The body of a fifth victim of the weather was found in the area of displacement of soil caused by the bad weather, another dead man was found near her home. Seven people were killed during a traffic incident that may have been caused by heavy rains.

It is noted that the number of victims in the next few hours can grow. Now rescuers speak about at least three missing.


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