Italy warned the world about the “globalization” of the mafia


Италия предупредила мир о "глобализации" мафииA group of Calabrian mafia, known as the ‘ Ndrangheta is “underrated” and “extremely powerful”, warns the head of the anti-mafia police in Italy.

The mafia is “globalizing phenomenon”, as its influence extends to other European countries.

Giuseppe Gavale, head of the anti-mafia investigative unit in Italy DIA, said that the mafia has long been not only an Italian problem.

“Organized crime is moving abroad, globalizarea”, – he said during a meeting with foreign press in Rome on Tuesday.

Gualala added that Calabrian group known as “Ndrangheta” strongly “undervalued” and is “extraordinarily powerful organization.”

He also acknowledged that the more famous Sicilian clan “Cosa Nostra” is “always present” in the United States, Canada and Australia”.

Despite the fact that criminal organizations have contacts in many countries where they operate, the ‘Ndrangheta has a tendency to replicate the structure that she created in Calabria”, he added.

He mentioned Brussels as an example, claiming that “they are not buying buildings, and entire neighborhoods” in the Belgian capital.


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