Italian made in the court of paid leave to care for a dog


Итальянка добилась через суд оплачиваемого отпуска по уходу за собакой An employee of the University granted a certificate of need for surgery for the dog

The woman asked the University about the two-day paid leave, however, she was asked to motivate your request because the earlier leave was not granted due to care for the animals.

The lawyer of the Italian pointed to the rule that refusal to care for the animals is seen as cruelty to animals. According to her the owner of the animal is threatened by imprisonment for a year or a fine of up to 10 thousand euros.

The owner claimed that she would have committed the crime if not for looking after your pet. She also gave the University a certificate of need for surgery for the dog. Italian League antivivisection (one of Europe’s largest organizations for the protection of animal rights) has helped the scientific employee with this case.

The decision, according to Chairman of the organization of Gianluca, Felicetti, is a step towards the recognition of Pets as family members.


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