It works in Kemerovo came with a search warrant after the movie about the banker Tinkov


К видеоблогеру в Кемерово пришли с обыском после ролика про банкира Тинькова

Law enforcement officers came with a search warrant to Kemerovo great Alex Pskovites who participated in the filming of the movie about the banker Oleg Tinkoff and his “Tinkoff Bank”. About it in broadcasting Periscope told his co-host Michael of the caves.


Lawyer videoblogger Sergey Voronin in an interview with “Mediazone” said that the demonstrations in the framework of the criminal case on libel (article 128.1 of the criminal code), but what part of the article, it is instituted, the lawyer does not know. According to Voronin, the task force flew to Kemerovo from Moscow.

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Recall that in early August on the YouTube channel “Nimage” was a movie about a banker Oleg Tinkov. At the moment it looked about four million times. In late August, “Tinkoff Bank” filed a lawsuit in which he asked the authors of the roller to compensate for business loss. The defendants in the lawsuit are Esculetin, caves and “Development”.

In the video claimed that Tinkov “flatters” the owner of Alfa-Bank, engaged in questionable business incorrectly treats employees

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“We don’t like it when unscrupulous bloggers vilify the company, employees, its founder and his family and our clients. We will do everything to fans of cheap hype and slander answered according to the law,” — said the representative of the Bank, “Vedomosti”.

In turn, the court of Kemerovo decided to block the video, but it is still freely available.

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