It looks like the most radioactive place on the planet. Photo


It is located in the Pacific ocean.

The city of Pripyat, where on 26 April 1986 explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, has long been considered the most dangerous place on Earth. After the disaster the city the air was filled with radioactive particles that when injected into the human body cause irreversible changes in cells and cause cancer and other diseases. From the series “Chernobyl”, for example, people became aware, as even two minutes stay on the roof of the power plant can halve the duration of human life. However, in the world there is another place, where death from radiation can overtake even faster.
The first atomic bomb

The most damage was caused to the island of Bikini. In early July 1946, its territory was blown up by an atomic bomb similar to “Fat man” was dropped on the Japanese island of Nagasaki. The bomb was dropped on 73 obsolete warships, and after the explosion in the air left a lot of radioactive particles, dangerous for health of local residents.

Nuclear testing on Bikini island in 1946

Despite this, in 1970-e years the US authorities have assured moved to the nearby island locals that Bikini once again safe for health and they can come back. It turned out to be wrong, because later 840 local residents died from cancer caused by radiation. About 7,000 people sought to be recognized as victims of military trials of the United States, but these were recognized only in 1965, half of whom subsequently died from various diseases.
The most dangerous place in the world

The island remains a threat to health even now — this has been proven by researchers from Columbia University. In their view, the concentration of radioactive substances on the territory of the Marshall Islands at the moment is much higher than in Chernobyl. In particular, in the air, soil and plants were detected particles of radioactive metals such as cesium, americium and plutonium. The concentration of plutonium, by the way, on the island of Bikini was 1000 times higher than in Chernobyl.

Ultimately, the researchers decided that the Islands of Bikini, Runit, Engebi, the Naen and enewetak are the most radioactive places on Earth. At the moment almost nobody lives in 2011 on Enewetak lived a total of 9 people. On the other Marshall Islands the population is much larger, and they receive annually from US $ 6 million to educational and Wellness programs.

Map of the Marshall Islands

Despite the potential danger of nuclear power plants, nuclear energy is one of the most environmentally friendly. Some famous personalities such as bill gates, believe that it is much better to wind and solar. There is an opinion that only she can save the planet from global warming and its consequences.


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