It is time to reclaim Alaska


Пора отбирать Аляску

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin, speaking in Yalta at the international conference “Forum of friends of the Crimea” offered to cancel Soviet documents on the transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR. According to the Deputy, quote, “this will put an end to all claims to the Peninsula from the Ukrainian side”. That is. Russia cancels Ukraine, apparently, this act needs to forget.
Show completely…

Actually I want to say that Zatulin beautiful – these are the Mondays of “Brilliant hands”, which is “to take and cancel”, it’s like the joke about the word — “I want — I want — take it back”, it’s like money debt, when you take the money and write the statement “please issued me return a debt is considered irrecoverable”.

The idea Zatulin is an urgent need to implement, but not for Russia – because she had “Krymnash” and for other countries, which will be followed immediately Zatulinskiy idea and cancel its international obligations and territorial pushed Russia all the requirements related to the possession of its foreign territories, as will be discussed. First loud hype, as they say in modern language, and then battle using all kinds of hot weapons. Old Russian fun “to bomb Voronezh” there will be implemented in full force.

And Zatulin said a great phrase, it is necessary to remember that amazing phrase: “if there is no friendship, then the territorial issue should be addressed again.” Again — “if there is no friendship” between the countries, the territorial question, that is, what land, where is the border, “we need to address again,” — remember this phrase, it is the Russian policy in all its glory, where everything is turned on its head. Stability boundaries define friendship, and right: there is no love, no boundaries. I hope that after the redrawing of borders with Ukraine will reach the turn to America, friendship with her does not work, then. It is time to reclaim Alaska.


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