It is the duty of Russians to banks reached 15% of GDP


Долг россиян перед банками достиг 15% ВВП

In 2018, the Russians scored a record number of loans. The total debt on it is now of 14.86 trillion rubles. In some segments of the credit debt load acquired ugly forms.

Credit load per household (the ratio of credit debt to average annual income) in 2018 increased from 22% to 27%, write “news”. Now the average debt of the same family is 263 thousand rubles, and arrears to 13.4 per thousand.

Special obespechennosti from the experts is that the debt of Russian families are not evenly distributed among the population. More than half (52%) of all borrowers who applied to the Bank for a loan to purchase housing, consumer goods or emergency needs, already have at least one outstanding loan. The total number of such borrowers with two or more loans reached 15.1 million people counted in the KJV OKB.



About 27% of borrowers – those who pay for the three credits or more. The share of Bank clients with two loans remained at the level of 25%, says finanz.

In the long term debt of Russians to banks will continue to grow. So in 2019 it may increase by 10-12% to 16.3 is 16.6 trillion roubles, predicts analyst “seven rivers capital” Anastasia Sosnova.


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