It is socialism – the basis of China’s success


Именно социализм – основа успехов Китая

In the press China has criticized Western experts, accusing Beijing of “mercantilism” and “capitalism”

On the eve of the 19th Congress of the Communist party of China (CPC) in the country sum up the five years that had passed since the previous meeting. During this time, the country’s growth rate has decreased to a minimum, however, the GDP and according to some estimates became the first in the world. In addition, Beijing is the engine of globalization, no alternative to American world domination. Was a large-scale anti-corruption campaign and consistently held policy″ rel=”nofollow”>the fight against poverty. And lately in the Chinese media began to appear increasingly materials about the importance of socialism in the development of the country.

Such publications are largely a response to statements of Western experts. Them and criticized, for example, the unofficial newspaper of the Communist party of China’s Global Times.

Recently, former Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump Steve Bannon, speaking in Hong Kong, compared today’s China with Germany of the 1930s And U.S. trade representative Robert Leithiser criticized the “mercantilist” approach of Beijing to the economy: “a clear effort to subsidize the economy, speeding up technology transfer and market intervention in China and around the world poses a threat to the trading system”.

It is obvious that Western countries are accustomed to a capitalist system, it is difficult to understand the socialist path of China. When they discover that China is not included in the General capitalist order, they begin to criticize Beijing for mercantilism or state capitalism. Such criticism ignores the fact that socialism, despite its failures in Europe, is booming in China.

In the press of China write that only after following the socialism China has found a path for their development. In practice, the Chinese people began to recognize and understand that only Marxism and socialism can help nation to be freed from the occupation and achieve independence. With this realization came the birth of the Communist party of China. Under her leadership the country was able to resist foreign invasion, to achieve independence and from a backward state to become a new powerful state. Of course, all of this is difficult to argue.

The CCP recognized appeared in Europe Marxism of its leading ideology, but was not simply borrow Western theories or duplicate of the theory and practice of the Soviet Union. Instead, China has integrated the universal truth of Marxism specific practice throughout the country.

At the 11th Congress of the CPC in December 1978 was proclaimed the policy of reform and openness. Third plenary session of the Congress was a turning point in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Then it was announced that the transition from a planned economy to a socialist market economy.

The historical process of the last 40 years needs to be understood, because in the course of the policy of openness and reforms, the country did not accept the Western system of checks and balances or multi-party system, but continued to insist on the socialist system under the leadership of the CPC.

The economy is the main form of ownership is state. Socialism is the basis of the differences between Chinese and Western systems of development, and a deep understanding of the PRC need to know a lot about socialism in this country.

Economist, former Deputy Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Yuri Boldyrev in an interview with” rel=”nofollow”>Накануне.RU noted that China can indeed be regarded as a socialist state, and the economic success associated with this. “Socialism did not arise in pure form but as opposed to the interests of society to the omnipotence of capital. From this point of view, Yes, China remains the social, socialist, socially oriented – it is the nuances of terminology, but, nevertheless, the government focused on the realization of the interests of society rather than capital“, he noted.

In addition, according to Yuri Boldyrev, the creation of the welfare state is an important component in the strategic partnership of Russia and China: “Corrupt oligarchic state, in which profits close to power is more fundamental goal, the guiding star for the rulers rather than the interests of society, cannot be a strategic partner of China. In order to become a strategic partner of China, we ourselves must first become truly social state. I emphasize, all the debate about how much private property should be in a socialist state, and how state – all minor issues. If in Sweden – private property, but under strict control of society is still socialism. The key question – who is stronger, the capital or the society. In China, the society stronger. And in Russian society, too, must become stronger than the capital than the feudal Lord“.

And, of course, Russia is to recognize that 25 years of “market reforms” were largely unsuccessful compared to the results of the implementation of the Chinese project for the same period, and China has not abandoned the socialist system and the United States.


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