“It is possible in our country to live to a good old age”


Recently, while reading a free newspaper from the pharmacy and at the same time watching TV, I suddenly made a very bad conclusion. Suddenly – because before I make any conclusions did not, and then, apparently, accumulated, and TV pharmacy newspaper wisdom gained. Plus age is such that time for anything in life to make at least a conclusion, if nothing else to do. And the conclusion is that – for some reason, everything I love, gradually becomes either illegal or immoral, or suddenly starts to harm my health, health of others, causes dependence and undermines the foundations of the state.

Cigarette with morning coffee, lunch, tasty Shawarma and a liter of beer, snack on mouth-watering doughnuts, in the evening five hundred grams of vodka and a kebab is, it appears, to obesity, cancer, diabetes and cirrhosis at the same time. Sex with an unfamiliar civilian world it is generally a step into the abyss and spit in the soul society. Smoking in the vestibule of a passenger train lays in the tomb all the passengers of this train, including the conductor and the driver. Drinking beer about fifty meters from the school makes the kids sleep whole classes. They are so bad or “House-2” nor an artistic series on NTV or the Internet does not affect how I am with a bottle of beer. But if the beer is in a plastic bag, the children look-see and will be pulled to the library to read Chekhov. And, by the way, to punish children is now impossible, as I previously could, and with love, of course, afford. Today my son cigarettes, yelled, gave a slap – all tomorrow wait for the mystery man called “Ombudsman”. The neighbors are not asleep, and the son who should report. To me in my childhood “dreamer”, remember, came, OLE lukkoye from Andersen, and comes to present the Ombudsman with questions about dad. So to raise children now more expensive, for example, I stopped. Let them show “the Kitchen” and brings all sorts of “University”.

And I love walking through the city with the girl, drink with her on the waterfront with a bottle of champagne! Night star, easy drunk, pop in a plastic glass bubbles, the first kiss… But, alas, champagne is also already illegal. First, drinking alcohol in a public place, and, secondly, if you at two in the morning bought a bottle of champagne, somewhere has died from drinking the whole village. I, however, still buy, in circumvention of the law, with an overpayment and with the hope that the village won’t know and will not die out. By the way, I’ve never had a seller in convenience stores, which refused to sell me a bottle of champagne. Still and vodka offer more small question in addition, for fifty rubles from the top. Probably my face is alcoholic, not a reviewer, and who this law came up, the family is entirely the sellers of convenience stores, he just that kind of a raise came up. And the village, among other things, dying not from my champagne, but from the fact that people in this village, as well as three hundred years ago, the wood stove stoked, although a number of gas field. But gas pipes not – expensive. The French pipe is, and the village three kilometers – no. On offense, the villages are dying out, not from drinking, respected government…

I also like the daughter of Soviet cartoons to watch on TV. But also it is impossible to be immoral and harm the mental health of the child. See for yourself in “Well, pogodi!” propaganda vagrancy, justification of illegal actions, the denial of family values. “Buttermilk” – the same thing. “Winnie-the-Pooh,” “cat Leopold”, “Cheburashka” – all about some little tramp outside the family to do something illegal. What can I say – in the famous “Mitten” mom smokes in front of the child! “Umka” would-be mother does not follow her cub and eventually loses it! But all the Disney cartoons – and without any “16+” and “12+”. There’s also no one smokes, no one loses, there’s just some dog the head by a stone smashed, then the tail will tear off the legs scald… that’s the one that this law came up, as a child certainly not “the Bremen town musicians” looked, and “Beavis and Butthead”. So we and “the police” in “police” was renamed, what would a cartoon about tandem morons was clear.

And here I am, again, quite unexpectedly, made another conclusion. When the government does not want that the people that had started to think about something to guess, she throws him a bone in the form of a law. You begin to think what country has done the Olympics in Sochi and were there any kickbacks? Here you are “anti-Smoking law”, discuss it, take a break, the Olympics in Sochi is none of your business. You wonder why the stadium in Saint Petersburg is fabulously expensive? Here’s the “Law banning the sale of beer”, it is closer and more important. And as a bonus the “Law on gays”. So everything will be better and easier. It is much easier to ban Smoking Wolf from “Nu pogodi!”, than to put a non-thief Minister. Because the Minister might be offended and something to tell the Wolf he is silent, because drawn.

And I made another one, now is definitely the latter conclusion. So to draw conclusions is immoral, to draw conclusions means to undermine the foundations of the state, to harm your health, cause addiction and limit freedom of their movement. And such cases, with the infliction of harm and restriction of freedom, the last time quite a lot.

So again, I turned on the TV, find your favorite show “Let them say!” and began to listen to her poor guests and a feminine presenter with a beard. Of this transfer, of course, also possible, if desired, to make one conclusion, but he is abusive and falls under the “Law on defamation”… So that we can do without conclusions.

After all, if they do, it is possible in our country to live to a good old age. Let a lonely, but rich. With unavailable, but returned to the Crimea as a bonus…


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