It became known, what will happen to the Earth if all nuclear power plants will explode at the same time


Стало известно, что случится с Землей, если все АЭС одновременно взорвутсяIncredible!

Earth will become completely uninhabitable for 156 years, if all nuclear power plants in the world simultaneously explodes. This is stated in the article in the Journal of Physics Special Topics.

The scientists decided to verify the information voiced by the heroine of the series “Hundred”, which claimed that after the simultaneous explosion of all nuclear power plants of the Earth, the planet will be safe through 2199 days.

The action in the series takes place in 2052, and according to forecasts of the International panel UN climate change number of nuclear power plants is doubled. Currently on Earth there are almost 430 such plants, and by mid-century their number may increase to 898.

With the simultaneous explosion of all installations radiation exceeds the norm by 35 times, and that in the case of a uniform distribution over the surface of the Earth. 50 years later the background radiation reaches a relatively safe figure, then you will need at least another century to return to normal conditions for existence.


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