It became known, what is excessive craving for sweets


Стало известно, с чем связана чрезмерная тяга к сладкомуHow to cope with the craving for sweets.

Sweets…Who doesn’t?! Perhaps the majority of people on the planet are not averse to eat a delicious dessert. An excess of sweet in the diet, leads to many unpleasant consequences, for example, to increase the numbers on the scale. And you know why you want sweet? Maybe it’s not always in a food rut, and a signal of the body about the lack of important substances. And maybe an increased interest in the chocolates and cakes due to reasons of a psychological nature? These questions were answered by the nutritionists.

1. Wrong diet causes frequent bouts of hunger. For example, the body gets enough calories during the day, or you have too large intervals between meals. In these moments, reduced the level of glucose in the blood and the body you signals: “replenish my energy reserves!”. After eating simple carbohydrates glucose level rises quickly. Try to eat every 3-4 hours for the metabolism to function correctly.

2. There are times when I want a sweet after a workout. During training you will burn accumulated in the liver glycogen, and decrease its level sends a pulse to the brain about the replenishment of spent supplies. If after an intense workout, you’re looking at a chocolate bar, do not sin, eat complex carbohydrates.

3. One of the reasons cravings for sweets – a fungal infection in the gut, namely the overabundance of microorganisms of the genus Candida. Together with other organisms they form the natural microflora of the intestine. When we are healthy, they are not dangerous for us. However, because of low immunity caused by chronic stress, taking antibiotics or past disease is imbalance of the intestinal microflora, these organisms multiply. And they eat simple carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, sucrose).

4. Indefinable desire for sweets may indicate a lack of nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, chromium or tryptophan.

5. Sometimes we eat sugar to improve your mood. After treats instantly raises the level of glucose in the blood and in the body increases the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness. Not surprisingly, some people reach for sweets when they are under stress (even unconscious) and need comfort.

Look for healthy ways to boost the happy hormone, for example, physical activity, laughter or sex.

6. Candy is a habit. As already mentioned in the article, sweets raise the sugar level in the body. Quickly increase the performance of insulin, and then also sharply lower. At the time of sudden fall of sugar we feel a hunger for sweets. A vicious circle. The exit – get rid of bad habits.

7. Having a lot of time, we intuitively tend to use it for fun. Watch TV? Why not eat a cake with tea. Met with a friend? Coffee and cake will brighten up your conversation. The key word here is moderation, then to not be excruciatingly painful from the effects of overeating sweet.


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