It became known the name of the new msproducer national selection of the Eurovision song contest 2018


Who will be the member of the jury, will be announced later.

“I have 20 years in show business, 10 of them are watching this competition once had toward him as a composer. And I am very interested to participate in the selection of the representative from Ukraine as music producer”, – said Quint. The new msproducer national selection in Ukraine is enough artists who can adequately represent the country at the competition.

“Today in the Ukrainian music industry tremendous progress; there are many interesting young names – singers, bands, authors who can very adequately represent us outside of the country. Ukrainian melody is the most beautiful in the world. I really love when artists combine in their music traditional instruments and modern arrangements, when you create interesting collaboration, when the repertoire is impregnated with our culture,” he added. “But in this National election I want to see the most talented Ukrainian artists working in different genres. And certainly those who are willing to participate in the competition, not just wants to Express themselves. Not enough to bring the song from his repertoire. Eurovision is a very serious competition that requires specific preparation; there are no accidental variants and victories. I would advise anyone who wants to participate in the selection, to prepare for it as the most serious event in his career and to approach this issue megaprocrastination,” said Ruslan Kvinta.

According to the head of the National selection for the Eurovision song contest Natalia Franchuk, Konstantin Meladze, who was the musical producer of the two previous Nazarbayev, decided to work on his own projects, what’s to stop him from fully pay attention to the choice of the representative from Ukraine. The names of jury members will be announced later.

Himself Ruslan Kvinta will deal with the composition of the semifinals and, if necessary, help artists with the arrangements and modifications of the compositions. Live broadcasts of the National selection for the 2018 will be held in February at the same time on the TV channels STB and NTU. Plan 2 semi-finals (10 and 17 February) and the final (24 February), during which will determine the name of the representative from Ukraine.


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