It became known that now links brad pitt and Jennifer aniston


The ex-wife remained friends and very close.

Actress Jennifer aniston celebrated its anniversary on 11 February and on the weekend, the star threw a party, which was visited by her ex-husband brad pitt.

Now it became known, what winds brought the actor to the party.

As a source told People at the ceremony, he did not stay long. “He came to support Jennifer, talked to his other friends who were also invited, and then left. They (brad and Jennifer – ed.) have phone numbers to each other, and they sometimes talk on the phone. Jen and brad have remained friends,” said an anonymous source who attended the party.

The source also noted that there were all who love aniston, her close friends. And this list includes brad.

“The party was a celebration of life Jennifer. Brad has been a vital part of this life. She had discussed with friends whether to invite him”, the source told People.


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