It became known how to stop wasting time


Стало известно, как перестать зря тратить времяFamous coach Tim Denning told us how to stop wasting time and start living.

Psychologist on own example showed that 24 hours is not so little if you use them wisely.

Denning said that before, and he was wasting time, although he had many goals. Looking back, he realized the error and decided to work on myself, and the results shared in his blog.

For starters, experts advise to forget about the useless classes. According to his calculations, previously of 8 hours he was spending 3 to communicate with colleagues that are not related to direct employment. So he began to pay more attention to work.

The psychologist also recommended before going to bed, do not sit in social networks, not to stick to the TV, to eat right, eliminate from the diet of coffee and unplug the phone during work.

And start working on achieving the dream coach recommends today. It is not necessary to wait for a turning point. Right now you need to write a to-do list for a week, which will help to achieve the dream faster. But don’t, like Denning, forget to live for yourself – socialize with family and friends is not bad, if it brings pleasure.


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