It became known how much money kept the authorities of the DPRK in foreign accounts


Стало известно, сколько денег хранят власти КНДР на зарубежных счетахAccounts issued on figureheads.

North Korean authorities have “revolutionary Fund” of $3-5 billion in secret foreign accounts.

It is reported by Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun, citing a study of Korean Industrial Bank of Korea.

According to the survey, funds are in Switzerland, Hong Kong and some middle Eastern countries. Accounts issued on figureheads.

The Fund is used for the promotion of senior officials, as well as on luxury goods for members of the crown of the Kim dynasty. Annually from this Fund spent hundreds of millions of dollars, said one North Korean officials, who had fled earlier from the country.

According to another interviewee, in the case of freezing assets of North Korean leader, there will remain only accounts in China and Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the United States intends to submit for consideration by the UN security Council new measures of a restrictive nature with respect to the DPRK, among them the freezing of foreign assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.


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