It became known how many vehicles are involved in a secret project at Apple


Стало известно, сколько автомобилей участвуют в секретном проекте Apple The company is testing a drone system management.

Though the Corporation is open nothing is confirmed and has not commented, but the Internet regularly leaking new information about the work towards the development of unmanned vehicles.

Recall that in 2015 information about Apple’s plans to enter the car market ceased to be just a rumor, and received reasonable confirmation: the company has hired experts from the automotive industry and bought the respective property.

In 2016, Apple’s diminished ambitions in this area and instead of a car decided to create an unmanned driving system.

Edition macReports recently confirmed that the Apple car Park is located 55 vehicles, with 83 drivers have the permission to travel in cars with Autonomous control system. This became known from the California Department of motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, it is not clear how exactly Apple is going to implement developments in the field of unmanned vehicles. Most likely, the company is planning to develop a hardware and software system that will be able to use the brands partners.


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