It became known as to increase the capacity of the computer 4 times


Стало известно, как увеличить мощность компьютера в 4 разаTried Chinese scientists.

The experimenter enthusiast from China has managed to increase the power of your computer 4 times, reports the DILL. Now he claims that his innovative method can be applied to any PC.

It is noted that the computer was released 16 years ago. Programmer dispersed it by connecting a powerful modern cooling system to the motherboard.

According to the Chinese, the principle of this system is based on liquid nitrogen. In particular, the computer is much faster to cope with the tasks set for it.

According to the author of the development, thus it is possible to accelerate any aging of the device. It is associated with the fact that modern computer and game programs, as well as most websites require much larger computing capacity than was necessary 10-15 years ago.


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