It became known as the impact of global warming on the ice of Antarctica


Perennial ice persists for two years.

So, NASA experts doing research in this area to establish how varies the water level in the oceans, writes the with reference to

Recent data suggests that a large part of perennial Arctic ice cover had disappeared and had been replaced by thin ice that melts during the warmer months.

As you know, multi-year ice persists for two years. While it is much thicker than seasonal ice and therefore deeper into the ocean. While the seasonal sea ice can reach a thickness of about two meters and almost disappear in the summer.

If we take into account the study of the world’s ice cover, which was conducted in 1958, the thickness was decreased three times. As for the ice area declined by two million square meters.

On the contrary, the Arctic will become more vulnerable to a rise in the average temperature of water and air that are harmful for natural ecosystems. Scientists say that a glacier has just disappeared from the face of the earth. This all leads to increase of level of world ocean. According to preliminary estimates, many cities and even countries could be under water. Scientists community call for humanity to pay more attention to the environment.


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