It became known as the electric effect on the psyche


Стало известно, как электромобили влияют на психику Cars on electricity is better for health than cars on petrol.

As you know, electric vehicles have several advantages compared to the cars on the engine. Electricity is cheaper than gasoline and diesel fuel, electric cars do not harm the environment, and repairing such vehicles have significantly less and less.

But now scientists say that electric cars are healthy for our psyche, giving the human brain a much smaller negative impact than an ordinary transport.

In accordance with the study conducted by Duncan Williams of the University of York (UK), driver, managing a quiet electric car, much less tired at the wheel. In the absence of “growling” sounds, the human psyche is not exposed to Intrusive noise, and therefore can withstand heavy loads.

Install this was possible thanks to the EEG: the London taxi drivers, for working day in the right way recorded the electric impulses of the brain. For several days they worked on the electric cars, diesel cars, connected to the electroencephalograph.

In the end, it was found that drivers of electric cars were more focused on the road, displayed a focus and calm, less tired and angry. Then, as the drivers of diesel vehicles, these figures were significantly worse.

This is especially true at busy intersections, in traffic jams and waiting for the green light.

Also the drivers behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, the heart rate was almost always constant, whereas the owners of diesel cars heart to slow down, then pounding.

In the survey, the subjects drivers also confirmed that driving electric their physical and mental state was better. They feel focused, I don’t feel aggression and enjoyed the silence.

Dr. Williams also noted that the medical equipment was fixed in drivers of electric vehicles indicators of high mental alertness and increased attention.

In other words, no noise of the diesel engine allowed the better drivers to focus on traffic and be calm. This means that commercial vehicles the electric range can have enormous benefits.


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