It became known as the alcohol affects the predisposition to cancer


Стало известно, как алкоголь влияет на предрасположенность к онкологииOncologists revealed little known facts about breast cancer.

Knowledge about breast cancer from people not as comprehensive as would have to be. After all, the more people will know about it, the more chances he has to warn him not to fall into the risk group. This applies to any type of cancer, but since breast cancer is the most common, the doctors decided to reveal a few important factors about this illness, who must know everything:

1. Alcoholic beverages increase the chances of developing breast cancer in half. The fact is that ethanol provokes the production of certain hormones that trigger the DNA damage-cells, resulting in the human body becomes vulnerable and the risk of cancer increases.

2. Men too prone to breast cancer, but they hear that diagnosis a thousand times less.

3. Breast cancer is inherited and it is a fact, proven by scientists. Moreover, the more women in the family had the same diagnosis, the higher the probability that the disease will overtake the next generation.

4. Before you appear metastases, breast cancer is the most rapidly curable cancer. At least statistics say that about 90% of patients are completely cured of cancer, if it is timely appealed to physicians.

5. After age 40, women must once a year undergo mammograms in order to detect a tumor that can be benign or malignant.

6. Breast-feeding reduces a woman’s chances of the occurrence of her breast cancer. In any case, this is indicated by the oncologists based on the growth statistics of this disease in recent years.

7. Physically active women are much less likely to face breast cancer, but those who lead a sedentary lifestyle – are risking their health and life in General.

Forewarned is forearmed. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, take the medical examination at least once a year, give up alcohol, cigarettes and junk food, fill your life with positive and pleasant emotions – these factors will help to ensure that cancer will not appear to you.


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