Israeli scientists have denied the benefits of healthy eating


Израильские ученые опровергли пользу здорового питания A greater role played by the individual characteristics of organisms.

Scientists from Israel conducted a study and were shocked – it turned out, the benefits of a healthy diet is only a fiction.

A group of scientists from the Weizmann Institute (Israel), headed by Dr. Eran Elenava conducted a study with 800 volunteers and found that the benefits of “healthy eating” is a myth. The results showed that the body reacted to food purely individual.

The study, which lasted several years, participants were divided into 2 groups: in the first they were sitting on a diet consisting of “healthy foods”, and the second was allowed to do whatever you want. This list consisted of soda, chips, processed foods and other products.

When Eran Elinav and his colleagues have received the results of the study, they were astonished, because the body of each volunteer was acting differently. In both groups the results were negative. This nullified all previous studies on this topic.

Eran Elinav with a group of assistants believe that the benefits of “healthy eating” is a myth. In his opinion, all the nutritionists should never be allowed to use this phrase and concept in the course of their work, because quite often speculate the producers. Researchers have already prepared a report, which give evidence of his innocence.


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