Israeli, joked with the police about Putin arrested before his departure


Израильтянин, пошутивший с полицейским о Путине, арестован до его отъезда

The Israeli driver asked the employee of police in Jerusalem, came to him, Putin, and then said that he wanted “to remove Putin”. The driver was detained, searched, taken to the police station.

This incident, writes the website “Mako”, occurred on the evening of January 22.

The website “Mako” writes that although the man claimed that was a joke, the court, on request of the police ordered the extension of his detention until 10:00 on January 24. After the appeal by the good sense of humor, court and police came to an agreement that he will be released after Putin leaves Israel.

Lawyer Alexander Gambaryan in his blog on Facebook commented on this story: “… in Short, the man will sit under arrest, while Putin will not go away. Hope the weather is flying and no reason not to make the Russian delegation to hang out here for a month or two, and the price of the humour will be too expensive. It should be noted that the crime of threat – article 192 requires the “intent to intimidate”, but here it is clear that the intention was not. But I think that a man with such a sense of humor should understand the full irony of the situation, and in the end a few days of arrest without subsequent pain in the a criminal case is an interesting adventure. However, the fact is the universe has given you, not by chance, but in order to remind once again that the employees of any security – people at work, and it is not necessary to joke with them. Transport is not necessary, and in such situations it is not necessary, they are not to humor them this morning may be in the orientation they do it to someone particularly dangerous like you.”


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