Israel fulfilled biblical prophecy, the third


В Израиле сбылось третье библейское пророчество Local believers say that something is incredible.

Only in the last few months it has happened three prophecies that indicate the Messiah and the impending end of the world.

First was born the calf of a red color – unique animal for the last two thousand years. According to the texts of the prophecy, the cow should not have any vices. The reality is fully consistent with this condition.

Then in the Dead sea began to appear in living organisms: fish, animals, shellfish and algae. This prophecy was written by Ezekiel. It is known that in biblical times the Dead sea was cursed, now it is inhabited by some organisms. Salt disappeared, following the prophecy of Ezekiel. The earth will flourish in the time of the return of the Jews.

And the last prophecy is associated with the snake: blocks of stone from the Western wall of the Temple crept a creature, symbolizing the approaching end of the world. The rabbis believe that the appearance of the snake does not promise anything bad. If the creation of Eden symbolized evil in our sinful world it is the opposite of Edam, that means a revival of purity and Holiness.

It is noteworthy that the snake appeared in the place of prayer only women. It’s like the biblical story, when the serpent comes to eve.


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