Israel eliminated Navy tunnel Hamas


Израиль ликвидировал "морской" туннель ХАМАСObject is destroyed belonged to the elite unit’s Hamas.

Sunday, June 10, the IDF announced new details of the operation conducted by the air force of the IDF in the Gaza strip on the night of 3 June.

According to the press service of the army, among the attacked 15 terror infrastructure in the seaside Palestinian enclave, was a tunnel of special purpose, belonging to the division “marine commandos” Hamas.

The press service said that the “sea” the tunnel allowed the Hamas unnoticed for the Israeli military to leave the base “commando”, located on the coast of the Gaza strip, and to go to sea for attacks against Israeli targets.

As radio station “Kahn Beth,” destroyed the object belonged to the elite unit’s Hamas “Nakba” and naval commandos. For the construction of the tunnel was used large diameter pipes intended for sewage system. The entrance to the tunnel was in one of the buildings at the military base of special forces “Nakba”, about three kilometers from the border with Israel. Tens of meters of the tunnel was below ground, in shallow water tunnel went to a depth of 2-3 meters and had set out to sea.


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