Is there anything more important to someone than life itself?


Most will say that there is nothing more important no, but if that were the case, people would not drink,would not have used drugs, wouldn’t risk his life, would not go voluntarily.

So there’s something more important than life itself, and the lack of this that causes a person not to appreciate my life.

Then what is it?

For me it is a GOAL, this is what you dream about, so I want to achieve, to get, and you go to her my whole life trying to achieve it. Everyone is their own, but it doesn’t matter what it is, the main thing that it was and you managed to approach her, only you hadn’t stood still, and pursued it.

And when you reach her, for a while you’re happy, you enjoy what your dreams were you able to implement it, and then you start to get bored, looking for a new goal and if not found, then stop to appreciate my life.

It is in fact necessary in the name of something or for something, but by itself it is boring and uninteresting.

Then you do the same, as are those who do not, is not trying to achieve something in your life, you drink to forget, get involved in all sorts of adventures for adrenaline rush, which at least for a while you distract and calm and quickly burn.


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