Is there a link between use of deodorant and cancer


Выявлена связь между использованием дезодоранта и онкологией Scientists made a disappointing conclusion.

The scientists said that synthetic deodorants may be harmful to human health. They believe that some of the ingredients contained in them affect hormonal balance and can cause serious consequences.

Dr. Simon Jackson, representing the company “Modern Botany”, studied the market of deodorants and surprised a lot of synthetic products. This type of product has a lower price than its natural counterparts. Having studied the composition of the synthetic deodorants, Simon found them in a chemical antibacterial agent. In most cases, he is represented by triclosan, which from 2017 banned from use in the United States.

This chemical agent found not only in deodorants, but also in Soaps and various balms. Triclosan has a strong influence on hormones, stimulates and accelerates the growth of cancer cells. Experts note that the chemical increases the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the nasopharynx.

Dr. Jackson notes that there are plenty of natural deodorants, which excludes harmful effects on the body.


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