Is it possible to diagnose a disease online?


Можно ли диагностировать заболевание онлайн?

Biology and human nature is so constructed that he spent his life constantly sick. Someone faced with the usual colds, someone has experienced complications of influenza and who are able to cope with cancer.

Of course, modern medicine in the 21st century isn’t what it was before. We are no longer afraid of many diseases, and some deviations at all seem easy. But, in any case, are those diseases, which, unfortunately, is difficult or impossible to handle.

Such diseases can be different types of cancer, AIDS, HIV, diabetes and other health problems. But, in any case, even the simplest disease is better to prevent or cure in the early stages than to fight, say, with the same cold in a running option when suffering from complications of lungs or kidneys.

But. today, identify some symptoms, you can use the Internet, the main thing is to know where and how. For this was created the online service diagnosis of diseases according to symptoms, helps people to understand what was happening to him.

Immediately I would like to add that in any case can not self-medicate! Only a doctor can put the correct diagnosis and to appoint effective and really helps therapy.

How to use the service?

  • The first thing you need to understand which symptoms bother you. Decide on one or three main features.
  • Then, specify these symptoms.
  • If the service does not generate a result, then you have scored a large number of symptoms, you should reduce them, for example: cough, runny nose, fever.
  • The system can only work with those symptoms, which is in the database on the website.
  • For convenience, only the main and most common symptoms that bother humans.

Remember that the site is not a doctor and can not really supply you with the correct diagnosis. You can ask for the service, and to make some conclusions, first to see for yourself. But we strongly recommend that you find time to visit a specialist, having passed all the necessary tests.

Very often people are not quite serious about their own health, which is a huge mistake for everyone. No, we’re not talking about excessive suspiciousness or about the absurd trips to the doctor. But if you are really concerned about something, contact your doctor.

Symptoms that you need to go to the hospital immediately:

  • fainting;
  • high body temperature;
  • severe poisoning, which may lead to dehydration;
  • severe drug or alcohol intoxication;
  • closed or open fractures, lacerations, bruises, sprains, etc.;
  • when a person has fainted and is not coming around;
  • when symptoms of stroke or heart attack;
  • bleeding and so on.

If human life is threatened, a visit to the doctor should not be delayed even for a minute, and it is better to call the ambulance.

Be healthy!


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