Is it possible in Russia, the new 1917? Reasons – car and small truck


Возможен ли в России новый 1917 год? Причин – вагон и маленькая тележка

Soon it will be exactly one hundred years to the events that played out in October (old style), 1917. Then, about future shocks, not just once or twice, warned intelligent people. But of course, they did not want to hear.

Now, in connection with the approaching anniversary of the great October revolution and then in the media raises the question – is it possible in the future, the repetition of the new October (not February, namely October) 1917?

I say at once that many of those who talked about the possibility of a repetition of the events of October 1917, imply the possibility of the revival of the Soviet government, which they remember in the seventies-eighties-nineties years of the twentieth century.

Very rarely people talking about the very first years of the Soviet era. Meanwhile, the Soviet regime post-Stalin period was a power of orderly bureaucratic system, which in a nightmare never dreamed of many of those Bolsheviks who fought in the Civil war.

So, now I want to talk about the possibility (or impossibility) of a repetition of the events of October 1917 – and about the possibility of revival of the Soviet regime of the Brezhnev era.

So – is it possible in Russia the rise to power of radicals, like Sverdlov and Trotsky-Lenin-Stalin? Is it possible the accession of new rampaging Bolsheviks? And as a result, whether a repetition of the pervasive repression, executions, deportations, as well as the revival of the Gulag?..

Answer – Yes, maybe. And even more than that – it probably is.

Because gradually and steadily increasing in the society and there is a growing belief that different is good, without major upheavals – not to change our life and social system for the better. It is impossible to achieve any justice without violence, without a radical breaking all existing laws.

After all, look at yourself: all the rich people in Russia, all political and financial elite (which state that at the regional level) is very often the scoundrels who have achieved their wealth and prosperity to the lowest means.

I am not talking about those people who have achieved relative prosperity through hard work. It’s not about them.

Just persistent honest work – anybody in modern Russia is not made rich. And even more – no one is promoted to the ranks of the political or financial elite.

Richer, fatter and gain more and more influence – only able to go on the corpses. If you’re not – so, nothing special in life you will not succeed.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe you personally know and are willing to call by name-the names of those who have achieved significant success, being a good, honest man and not resort to any dastardly means?

Well, caught me in a lie! What are such people!

All of our country like a poisonous slime like tentacles of a giant octopus covered here such mafia-bureaucratic adhesions. And all the power of the state machinery seeks to protect this slime.

A simple man who dared the opposition to it – certainly doomed. The state acts as its uncompromising foe.

If you want something to take away – take away. And authorities confirm that everything is correct, as it should be.

Even to take away children from mother, without any reason, just on someone’s whim – the norm for modern Russia.

Today, when ordinary people everywhere squeezed as soon as you can, when here and there reduced wages, and jobs – in Russia, a rapidly growing number of dollar millionaires. And this is quite natural.

After all, when something becomes smaller means that the “something” becomes greater. School lesson in physics, the law of conservation of matter in nature.

Sanctions shmanktsii and other propaganda pugalki-horror stories – it’s all happening has nothing to any relation.

And the state leaves no one behind bars for a reduction of wages. “Optimization” – this word now justifies any outrage…

And the official Orthodox Church – now very friendly with the government. And in return has a lot of expensive goods, including all kinds of real estate.

The priests turned into the kind of officials. Often officials brazen and cheeky, shamelessly allow themselves to get into the personal lives of citizens, by which they live, and on the necks of which are parasitic.

Suffice it to recall the addresses of Patriarch Kirill against abortion – which is actually not really his concern. He, as a monk, should not close and stick your nose in this topic. But he pokes and regularly…

As a result, Russia is more and more growing shaft of pessimism. People just don’t believe that it is possible to achieve something natural, the legitimate, evolutionary way.

In essence that is what we are very different from Ukrainian citizens. They’ve really believe in democracy, in the European way of development, progress and other such things.

We the same period a childlike innocence experienced in the nineties. Today Ukrainians – we two decades ago.

Now, any illusions of the Russian population have left. Well, almost gone.

The President? So he is not eternal. He was already 65. Sooner or later the Lord will call him to himself. And then what?..

Because Putin is one to one repeats the main mistake of Soviet General secretaries, he in the slightest degree not disquiet the problem of succession of power.

What we see now in power? Putin – and a long row of empty chairs around.

How many of you remember the name of the Chinese Premier? If suddenly tomorrow he dies – China won’t even scratch. There has long worked for the power transmission system.

In Russia if something happens with the current President – this is guaranteed to mean the beginning of some momentous change. And given the level of anger and frustration of people who usually believe that a normal person cannot be a representative of the political or business elite, it is easy to guess that a new October 1917 in Russia is even possible.

Of course, if frostbitten radicals will overeat to power, very soon they would be howling and citizens of Russia and citizens of neighboring countries. Little nobody seems.

But this is another story…


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